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A signed Waiver by a Parent/Guardian/Adult 18 and over is required for all minor children 17 and under entering FunFlatables, regardless of participation.  Each minor child (first and last name) must be listed on the Waiver under MINOR PARTICIPANTS.
In short, by signing our Waiver, Parents/Guuardians/Adults acknowledge that there are unanticipated risks associated with the participation in FunFlatables' activities and use of play areas, toddler and inflatable equipment that could result in injury and that Parents/Guuardians/Adults voluntarily and willingly assume these risks. 
Click below to see our complete Waiver.

Per insurance requirements, as

'Identity Verification," FunFlatables'

Waivers require the following...

waiver requirements

  • Printed Legal Name

  • Legal Signature

  • Full Legal Address

  • Phone Number

  • Names of all minor children
    (Regardless of Participation)




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